Your furry friends are welcome to Jaco Lodge. For an approximate amount of USD15 per stay you can bring your pet.


Take the following information into consideration:


1. You can only bring one pet per room.


2. You must take care of cleaning your pet's waste.


3. The pet can be in any area of ​​the hotel but cannot enter the pool. It is your responsibility that the pet does not disturb other guests.


4. The Jaco Blù Beach Club does not accept pets but we offer you the "Jaco Beach House" where your pet is welcome (you must purchase the beach package: beach chairs, umbrella and parking for approximately USD15).


5. The pet is your responsibility for all purposes. With the money raised by the stay of the pets we help ourselves in the purchase of food, sterilization, veterinary treatments and others, for cats that we adopt and place for adoption. You will see such cats in the hotel.

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